We are now live from IdeasCity Arles, 10pm-12am (FR) or 4pm-6pm (NYC).


We are now live from IdeasCity Arles, 10pm-12am (FR) or 4pm-6pm (NYC).

James Clark

James Clark is an audio engineer in Brooklyn, NY specializing in live event production. He can typically be found working on the design and operation of various size sound systems: from live music to panelist discussions, DJ sets, film screenings, corporate presentations, galas, and weddings. Clark currently works on events for institutions including Pioneer Works, Roulette Intermedium, the New York Public Library, and the Cultural Services of the French Embassy, among others in the New York Area.


Yonatan Gat, producer

The Frightnrs, Swing-A-Ling, producer

Tetraphonics: Hubble (Ben Greenberg), producer

Second Sundays: Xenia Rubinos and Pitch Black Brass Band, producer

Second Sundays: Weyes Blood & Chop and Quench , producer

Second Sundays: Terry Dame and Smokey's Secret Family, producer

Second Sundays: Stephane Wrembel and Banda De Los Muertos, producer

Second Sundays: Rob Curto’s Pé De Serra All-Stars and Innove Gnawa Band, producer

Second Sundays: M.A.K.U SoundSystem and Tongues in Trees, producer

Second Sundays: Kaleta & Zozo Afrobeat and Zenen Zeferino y La Verdolaga en Playa, producer

Second Sundays: Gamelan Yowana Sari and Breakdown Brass , producer

Second Sundays: Bulla En El Barrio and Supermambo, producer

Second Sundays: Big Lazy & Janka Nabay and the Bubu Gang, producer

Scientific Controversies: Time's Arrow , producer

Scientific Controversies: The Goddamn Particle, producer

Scientific Controversies: One-Way Ticket to Mars, producer

Scientific Controversies: Many Worlds, producer

Scientific Controversies: Is Reality Beautiful?, producer

Scientific Controversies: Can We Explain the World?, producer

Roscoe Mitchell Live at Pioneer Works , producer

Psychic TV: Genesis Breyer P-Orridge & Edley ODowd, host

Noura Mint Seymali, producer

Matt Darriau: Who is Manny Blanc?, producer

Los Wembler's, Part 2, producer

Los Wembler's , producer

Los Hacheros Live, producer

Brooklyn Raga Massive, Prasanna, producer

75 Dollar Bill + Brian Carpenter’s Ghost Train Orchestra, producer