Anxious Spaces: Installation as Catalyst

June 15  - July 06, 2014

Anxious Spaces: Installation as Catalyst

Knockdown Center
Curated by Joe Ahearn, Alanna Heiss
Anxious Spaces Map by Maggie Bard
Anxious Spaces Map by Maggie Bard

A group exhibition in which six installation artists engage a space beckoning with desire and opportunity. Knockdown Center's cathedral-like complex, with its breathtaking expanse, mysterious sub-chambers, surprise annexes, and hidden pockets, is a dream environment for site-specific and installation art. In addition, these works incorporate dynamic and time-based elements ranging from robotic interactivity to performance events to social intervention. Taken together, the architecture and the artworks transform the space into a surreal bazaar of curiosities for the adventurous.

Opening June 15th, from 2-6pm. Special artist talk/tour at 5pm. The exhibition is open every Saturday and Sunday, from June 15 to July 6, 2-6pm.

Click HERE to find out about the July 5th Performance Festival!

Hisham Bharoocha and Ranjit Bhatnagar join forces for Zero to 0, an exploration of the extent to which a machine can replicate and transmit human expression using a basic instrument: the drum. The installation questions the drum's role in musical history by testing a machine’s ability to distort or comprehend the experience of sound vibration. For the exhibition, 19 kick drums are set in a circle in the main space and tuned in an audio gradient within one key. The drums are mechanized to run independently and robotically react to performers and visitors to Knockdown.

Large-scale figurative sculptor, ornamental shoe and garment designer and multimedia performance artist, Raul de Nieves, creates multicolored beaded and plaster sculptural works for the installation of Celebration. Winged children, representing the different stages of life, hang suspended in the air or gather around the main alter piece where the bejeweled "Mother" sculpture rests.

Coliseum of Bliss Tint Token is a site-specific installation that uses the harmonious shape of the ancient yet simple circle. Focusing on the circle as the core defining shape, Ben Wolf uses construction scaffolding to radiate out, engulfing the windows, doorways, and walls of the 100-year-old building known as the "Ruin." Although made from rough rusty materials and presented in a massive scale the overall shape and custom angles achieves a surprisingly quiet harmony. Wolf considers this ambitious installation to be an homage to the source of joy and to the allure of time’s mark on material.

Nightlife subculture explorer Desi Santiago constructs a massive fallen idol, an all-white mummy with mirror eyes and flowing hair. Affixed to the top of a small vehicle, the sculpture predominates over the right wing of the space. The decapitated head will lie in Knockdown's great hall until the time of its grand procession comes, at which point the ceremonial parade through the property begins.

DIY guru Christian Joy installs larger-than-life, hanging soft sculptures, that greet visitors to Knockdown’s gallery space. Inspired by kids’ bop bags and the work of Japanese film director Hayoa Miyazaki, these “characters” are constructed from vibrantly colored fabrics and incorporate textile designs. Joy's focus is on the independent movement of fabric.

This project is made possible, in part, by grants from The Jerome Foundation, the New York State Council on the Arts, and The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts.

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