Standing in solidarity with Puerto Rico.

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Standing in solidarity with Puerto Rico.

Marina Rosenfeld Deployed

The experimental turntablist and composer of large ­scale installation/performances often works off hand­crafted dub plates (she presses her own vinyl!). Marina Rosenfeld is a master in the art of noise, gesture, montage, and surreal beauty. Here is her live set from the Clocktower/Knockdown Center Auditorium residency project.

Rosenfeld has created chamber and choral works, including the performances Teenage Lontano, Cannons, a series of acclaimed "orchestras" for floor­bound electric guitars and other quasi­sculptural scenarios, and works deploying complexes of unamplified live performers and custom loudspeaker installations.

The Clocktower Auditorum residencies culminated in an event on April 12, 2015 with site-specific electronic and electroacoustic performances organized by artists/curators Lea Bertucci and Tristan Shepherd. The focal point for this event was a custom 10-channel sound system installed throughout the 50,000 square feet of Knockdown Center. The sound system became a catalyst for multichannel works by sound and media artists Nate Wooley, Sabisha Friedberg, Marina Rosenfeld, Woody Sullender, Phill Niblock, and Katherine Liberovskaya.The entire effort was a collaboration between the curators, Knockdown Center, and Clocktower Productions.


Clocktower Exhibits & Events


The Clocktower Gallery was founded by the alternative spaces movement pioneer Alanna Heiss in 1972. After a hiatus as a gallery space (after the Sept. 11, 2001 events nearby), the Clocktower Gallery reinaugurated its exhibition programming in 2005 as part of MoMA/PS1 and, after 2008, under the auspices of the newly founded Art International Radio (now Clocktower Productions). Clocktower Exhibits is home to interviews with and performances by its exhibitions' participating artists and curators over these many years.

For more Clocktower history, listen to The Clocktower Oral History Project, in which such figures as Vito Acconci, Bill Beirne, Colette, Jeffrey Deitch, Mary Heilmann, Jene Highstein, Ann Magnuson, Richard Nonas and Joel Shapiro reflect upon their experiences with this unique New York space. Organized by artist Nancy Hwang for the Fall 2009 AVANT-GUIDE TO NYC: Discovering Absence exhibition at apexart. .

Experimental Composers


Artists who explore the edges of genre and technique.