We are now live from IdeasCity Arles, 10pm-12am or 4pm-6pm (NYC).


We are now live from IdeasCity Arles, 10pm-12am or 4pm-6pm (NYC).

Venice Biennale

A series of talk and musical programs assembled from our various trips to Venice for the Biennale dating back to 2005. The programs range from round table discussions to interviews to DJ sets to virtual pavilions rendered in music and sound. On two occasions (2005 and 2007) we broadcast live on Italian FM radio from a boat moored near the Giardini. In 2011 our roving reporters covered the scene while the interview booth was headquartered near Piazzo San Marco. We also partnered with artist Federico Diaz and his sculpture-building robots at the Arsenale to design a special series called Robot Radio. 2013 brought us together with LaRete Art Projects and the Venice Agendas series produced by workinprogress for interviews and discussions.


Open Borders: Tourists or Explorers?
Venice 2013: Jesper Just & Tony Podesta
Roberto Paci Dalò, Ye Shanghai
Venice 2013: Joana Vasconcelos
Venice 2013: Alfredo Jaar
Venice Agendas 2013: The Alternative Scene
Venice 2013: Arthur Duff, Luca Massimo Barbero
Venice 2013: Antoni Muntadas, David Rickard, Catherine Lorent
Venice Agendas 2013: Speed Dating
Venice 2013: Bartolomeo Pietromarchi, Sislej Xhafa, Joanna Warsza
Venice Agendas 2013: Live Art
Venice 2011: Anne Szefer Karlsen, Hordaland Art Centre
Venice 2011: Music from the Secret Courtyard
Venice 2011: Jovana Skokic and Milica Zec, Montenegran Pavilion
Venice 2011: Alexandre Arrechea, Cuban Pavilion
Venice 2011: Mike Stubbs, FACT
Venice 2011: Santa Nastro, Art Tribune
Venice 2011: Niklas Goldbach & Victor Norman, The Berliner View
Venice 2011: Lev Evzovitch and Evgeny Svyatsky, AES+F
Venice 2011: Sally Tallant and Tamsin Dillon, The Londoner View
Venice 2011: Caroline Daley and Nicola Lees, Serpentine Gallery
Venice 2011: Giuseppe Stampone, Bye Bye Ai Weiwei
Venice 2011: Bjorn Melhus, Latin American Pavilion
Venice 2011: Raymundo Sesma, Forgotten Architecture
Venice 2011: Raphael Chikukwa, Zimbabwe Pavilion
Venice 2011: Anila Rubiku, Albanian Pavilion
Venice 2011: Vittorio Muolo, Masseria Art Project
Venice 2011: Giulia Piscitelli, Illuminazione
Venice 2011: Helidon Gjergji
Venice 2011: the Italian Pavilion issue(s)
Venice 2011: Yoan Capote, Cuban Pavilion
Venice 2011: Roberto Paci Dalo, Six Memos
Venice 2011: Antonia Carver, Art Dubai
Robot Radio: Outside Itself, an installation by Federico Diaz
Venice in Venice, Jacqueline Miro & Tim Nye
Michael Nyman, Beyond Music for Film
Robot Radio: Eric Singer & Luke Dubois of LEMUR
Dorit Chrysler, Theremin Virtuoso
Dewanatron, The Electronic Instruments
Indonesian Pavilion
Sonic Youth, Goodbye 20th Century
Venice Music Special: Caged/Uncaged
Christian Marclay, djTRIO
Venice Special: Mercedes Ruehl in Woman Before a Glass
Venice 2005: Because Tomorrow Comes #4
Venice 2005: Louise Bourgeois Sings
Venice 2007: Italian Hip Hop, Alberto Polo
Punita Singh: India Earatica
Arnold Dreyblatt: The Orchestra of Excited Strings
Steve Piccolo, Sound Fetish
Juan Munoz & Gavin Bryars: A Man in a Room, Gambling
Venice 2005: Venice Sounds at Sunset: Blacktronica
Venice 2005: WPS1 Venice Music Special: Dennis Oppenheim: Six Tracks
Venice 2005: Stan Douglas: Suspiria
Massimo Simonini: Boat, Context and Course
Venice 2007: Venetian Interiors with Zefrey Throwell, Pt. 1
LEMUR (League of Electronic Musical Urban Robots)
Robot Radio: David Linton, Optic Noise Groove
Robot Radio: Noise in Your Eye, Jean Tinguely & Harry Bertoia