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Venice 2011: Music from the Secret Courtyard

During the first week of June 2011 during the opening week of the Venice Biennale, Massimo Simonini (on prepared theremin), Roberto Paci Dalo (on clarinets and processing), and David Weinstein (on laptop and sound effects) performed a concert for invited guests at a reception sponsored by and The Clocktower Gallery.

These receptions were a place to socialize, relax, vent, network, have a drink, be entertained, and pause from the hard work of traversing Venice to see the hundreds of art exhibits. The Secret Courtyard location was found through a passageway off the southern side of Piazza San Marco where a series of chambers held ancient detritus, architectural delights, forgotten treasures, and our own little party. Our thanks to our partners, sponsors, organizers, and staffers that made these three lovely evenings possible. Grazie!


Venice Biennale


Round table discussions to interviews to DJ sets to virtual pavilions rendered in music and sound. With Kara Walker, Carolee Shneeman, Joan Jonas, Michelangelo Pistoletto, and more.