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Venice 2011: Helidon Gjergji host and curator Julia Draganovic conducted some interviews for the Venice Biennale 2011. Here she asks artist Helidon Gjergji, who has appeared in past Biennales in both visual arts and architecture, for a report on the highs and lows of this year's exhibitions. Helidon praises the Polish Pavilion and the work of Yael Bartana, as well as the installation at the US Pavilion. He also discusses the most controversial of all pavilions, and while he tries not to name names, we will. He is describing the Italian exhibition at the Arsenale, which he thinks resembles a low rent flea market for art. Crowded, noisy, obstructed, cluttered, and possibly disrespectful. But perhaps it is so good it can be redeemed, as he says.

Helidon Gjergji was born 1970 in Tirana, Albania. He currently lives between New York, Rome and Tirana.


Venice Biennale


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