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Trends in Education: Animation

Daniel Durning discusses animation with two educators from colleges in New York City. Guests Anezka Sebek (Parsons School of Design, MFA in Design and Technology) and John McIntosh (Chair of the Computer Art Department, School of Visual Arts) talk about the challenges of educating students who wish to enter the field.

Anezka Sebek has been a full-time faculty member at the Parsons School of Design since 1999. She coordinates the BFA Animation Sequence and teaches Narrative, Motion Research Collaboration and Thesis studios. She has worked in the industry on projects ranging from the film Judge Dredd to Elmo's World. In 2004, she worked with UNESCO to begin the development of a Sub-Sahara African animation industry in Nairobi, Kenya. Sebek serves on the Board of Directors for Dyke TV and is developing a television show about the Hudson Valley. This summer she is giving a talk at Siggraph 2005 about Parsons' Motion Research Studio.

Under John McIntosh's direction, the BFA Computer Art program at SVA offers concentrated studies in computer animation, broadcast design, visual effects, and interactive media and installation arts. McIntosh's credentials include Associate Director of the Kodak Center for Creative Imaging, Director of Technology Programs and the Associate Director of Education at the American Film Institute in Los Angeles. He worked for James Cameron at Digital Domain. He has served as a member of the Educational Advisory Committee of the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) and the Media Habitat Advisory Committee of the Canadian Film Centre. In 2002 he was appointed Chair of the Computer Animation Festival for SIGGRAPH 2002.


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