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The Autobiography and Sex Life of Andy Warhol

The life of Andy Warhol, and his eccentricities, parties, and artwork, have been surrounded by questions and controversy. On June 23, 2010 listeners got a personal perspective of Warhol's mysterious persona. This recording is a panel discussion from New York Public Library series, An Art Book, celebrating the re-release of John Wilcock's book The Autobiography and Sex Life of Andy Warhol. In the recording we hear cultural historian Dr. Steven Watson moderate the conversation between author John Wilcock, Gretchen Berg, a photojournalist, Gerard Malanga, photographer and Andy Warhol's assistant, Taylor Mead, actor and poet, Joseph Freeman, once known as "Little Joey", and special guest Bibbe Hansen, who starred in Warhol's films in 1963 and '64. This panel of Factory Superstars, one of few reunions since the silver Factory days, reveals never-before-heard details and anecdotes of Warhol and the Factory life. Included is a short introduction by editor Christopher Trela. (1 hour 25 minutes).

Special thanks The New York Public Library | An Art Book Series, art librarian and curator Arezoo Moseni, Trela Media and D.A.P. for sharing this event with our listeners.


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New York Public Library


The New York Public Library's public programs of the Artist Dialogues Series, are recorded and shared with as part of a partnership coordinated by artist, curator, and senior librarian Arezoo Moseni.