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Second Sundays: Five Interviews

Clocktower Radio broadcasts a marathon of interviews and music from Pioneer Works on June 8, 2014 during the monthly day long open house. Here is another collection of conversations highlighting the variety of activities originating at Pioneer Works. You can also find the musical performance recordings from these events in this archive as well.

In this edition you will hear:
Leslie Lyons - Social Poetry, a self-generating artwork based on her social algorithm
Eliot Krimsky - Musician and leader of the band Glass Ghost
EnSeeTee - The artist/interventionist discusses his igloo treehouse in the Pioneer Works garden
James Mercer - Eve Essex talks with the Clocktower resident artist on his installation, Landfill
Dave Sheinkopf - Education Director on his newest passion, 3D scanning, imaging, and printing


Pioneer Works Radio Channel


This series is devoted to highlighting the artists, events, and innovative programs brought to you by Pioneer Works in Red HookBrooklyn