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Savona Bailey-McClain, West Harlem Art Fund

Amidst the melodic background sounds of the A. Taylor Kuffner's Times Square Gamelatron event, host Jeannie Hopper catches up with Savona Bailey-McClain, curator of the West Harlem Art Fund, about her upcoming installation and largest public art project in Harlem's history called the "H" in Harlem in collaboration with artist and lighting designer Bentley Meeker. The project involves the installation of a large, illuminated "H" set to hang with visibility fron the Hudson River, New Jersey, and the neighborhood of Harlem. With several public art projects under her past supervision including Counting Sheep in Times Square and the Affordable Art Fair in Chelsea, Bailey-McClain discusses her forays into bringing art into community spaces and her particular desire to create an atmosphere of both personal and financial investment in the Harlem community. A 15-year resident of Harlem, Bailey-McClain discusses the neighborhood's changing environment and her hopes for the "H" in Harlem to inspire partnership and shared passion.


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