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S4AD: Software for Artists Day

David Weinstein welcomes David Sheinkopf, Pioneer Works Director of Education, to talk about about Software for Artists Day (S4AD) which brings together artists and developers to illustrate the many new software and hardware tools available to contemporary artists. The day-long event involves lectures, demonstrations, and conversations with extraordinary creators and engineers who will demystify the much sought-after technology in use by artists. The next one is Sunday, November 16, 2014, 10am - 7pm.

Participants will be able to attend four 45-minute lectures over the course of the day and will also be able to participate in "soapbox sessions" in which they will have three minutes to present a project with the objective of attracting interest and/or advice from other artists and technicians. 


Art for Coders, Code for Artists- Cinder and openFrameworks
Charlie Whitney

Custom Audio and Video Software With Max/MSP
Thomas Martinez

Keying Out- Intro to Green-Screen Techniques
Alina Tenser

Visualization and Projection Tools
Eric Corriel

Physical Interaction Design
Ariel Cotton

Data Representation & Processing
Roopa Vasudevan

3D Modeling and Basic Parametric Design Tools (Rhino + Grasshopper)
Sergei Tiourine

Introduction to Solar Power for Artists
Alex Nathanson

Integrating Sensors and Automation with Arduino
David Sheinkopf

Hack Your SLR with Magic Lantern
Nick Fitzhugh

3D printing ain't s#%t: An intro to sheet metal CAD and CAM.
Jamie Zigelbaum


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