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Ron Padgett, Anna Akhmatova, and Donald Barthelme

Somehow Tilda Swinton, Richard Aldington, Alex Katz and Anna Ahkmatova all seem perfect together when such subjects are taken up by such gentlemen as Max Blagg and Glenn O'Brien, the Click and Clack of modern poesy.

How does Alex Katz choose his models? You are unlikely to find out by listening to this show, but you can't say that our Beatnik gurus Max Blagg and Glenn O'Brien don't nearly die (laughing) while trying to find out. In fact, what they come up with is even better: poems by Ron Padgett from Katz's new exhibition catalog; "Requiem" by the late, great Anna Akhmatova, and an impromptu performance of "The Explanation" by that master of droll concision, Donald Barthelme. A program to gain perspective with.


Bald Ego Online


The late arts writer Glenn O'Brien and poet Max Blagg hosted the Bald Ego Online series from 2005-2006, featuring Duncan Hannah, Ron Padgett, Anna Akhmatova, Donald Barthelme, an Anthology of New York Poets, and more. 
After O'Brien passed away in 2017, Clocktower re-introduced the series in remembrance of the writer's life in the New York art scene. He will be sorely missed.   

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