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Robyn Hasty, Tintype Project

David Weinstein talks with Robyn Hasty about tintype photography, her relationship with Pioneer Works, and her Yearbook--a project where she is spending a year photographing each person from Pioneer Works. A member of the competitive Residency Program, she founded their photography studio.

Outside of tintype, Hasty works across a variety of media with other near-obsolete practices in order to capture a sense of "paradox and its reconciliation." She describes herself as "drawn to the tension between fine craft and entropy that arises from the struggle of making with unpredictable results."
These photographs come from her Homeland series where she travelled across the country photographing people living-off-the-grid.

Her studio is available to view June 8, 2014 for Second Sundays from 5 to 7 PM, and onwards.
Check out her website here.


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