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Reverend Billy

Reverend Billy brings his iconoclastic gospel to the Clocktower shortly after the Church of Stop Shopping's re-baptism as the Church of Life After Shopping, a reaction to this forbidding economic climate. Billy plays a
few tracks from his choir's newest album, The Shopocalypse, talks about his moments of
doubt and reflects upon his path to the Church on tracks set by a guy
named Sidney Lanier. He also discusses the history of the Church, from its early opposition to the Disneyfication of Times Square and his campaigns against fake bohemianism--including his exorcism of Starbucks cash registers and the Church's Sidamo Prayer Campaign--to February 2010's mass "Reverend Moon-style" UnWedding Until GayMarriage, Vicky's Dirty Secret, which protests the forest-to-mailbox-to-landfill food chain of Victoria's Secret catalogues, and his latest endeavor, End Mountain Top Removal. Check out all of the Church's campaigns here (54 minutes).

Amen, children.

Reverend Billy

Performance artist and activist Reverend Billy joins Jeannie Hopper in the "church of the Clocktower" to discuss the magic of mic checks, the Earthaluja movement, and the Occupy community, as well as share some of the uplifting hymns sung in solidarity by the Stop Shopping Gospel Choir.

The self-proclaimed "emotionally unstable televangelist" has been preaching in the streets of New York City for 20 years, boisterously condemning consumerism and defending all acts of urban activism. In 1999, Reverend Billy's voice was joined by others when the Stop Shopping Gospel Choir was born. The all-ages choir has grown significantly since then and includes 35 singers and a 5-piece band from a diverse array of economic, ethnic, religious and cultural backgrounds. The spirited preacher has inspired these artists and many others to fight consumer hypnosis through community efforts and song, and strives to take back and revitalize all public spaces, whether they are city streets, parks, or the hallowed halls of bank lobbies.


The Interview Show


Interviews with artists, singers, producers, and curators. Including David Hockney, Sarah Lucas, Marilyn Minter and many more, hosted by artist Will Corwin.