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P.S.F. Records

P.S.F. records was founded in 1980 to give a platform to the intrepid artists of the underground Japanese scene. From Psychedelic acts High Rise, Ghost, Musica Transonic, and Acid Mothers Temple to free jazz players and improvisers such as Motoharu Yoshizawa, Masayuki Takayanagi, and Kaoru Abe, P.S.F. Records created an institution in Japan which showcased the incredible depth of the Japanese underground and "chronicled a national treasure of free jazz and maverick rock that explodes the myth of Japanese conformity."

Along with P.S.F. records and Modern Music record store, founder Hideo Ikeezumi also published G-Modern, a quarterly magazine focusing on avant-garde underground music in Japan.

In the words of Ikeezumi, "I only release what I like, and I hope that some of these sounds will appeal to the more discerning listener."



Lucid Scenes


Lucid Scenes showcases and illuminates music of a specific time and place. This series explores the releases of community-based, independent record labels, to give listeners access to these absent worlds of musical self-identification and expression.