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Poetry: M.Z. Ribalow, Chasing Ghosts

A selection of poems from Chasing Ghosts by M.Z. Ribalow, read by the author.

M.Z. Ribalow is a poet, playwright and novelist who is Artistic Director of New River Dramatists. His 2011 poetry collection Chasing Ghosts has been published by NeoPoiesis Press and is available online at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.


New River Dramatists


A program of stories, plays, and poetry co-produced with New River Dramatists.

New River Dramatists, located in the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina, is a not-for-profit project that distinguishes itself in that it is looking for writers to assist, not works to produce. Engaging writers on the strength of their individual talents instead of the potential merit of a single piece, payment of Honoraria to all participants, the absence of casting and the commitment to process first are among many factors that, taken all together, make New River Dramatists unique.