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OM Episode 29: Running In Circles, Forensics

In this edition you are listening to a forensic research - examining 70s music and the way to find the hidden links from Vangelis to Pink Floyd in 9 steps - enjoy the melody !!!

Vangelis - Blade Runner Blues
Yes - Roundabout
King Crimson - Moonchild Including The Dream And The Illusion
Talking Heads - Psycho Killer
Brian Eno - Mother Of Violence
John Cage - Imaginary Landscape No. 1
John Cale - Amsterdam
Peter Gabriel - Darkness
Kate Bush - There Goes A Tenner
Pink Floyd - Careful With That Axe Eugene

Editor's Note: Producer Raabenstein's notes on this segment were so comprehensive and historically rich we thought you would like to read along and savor the stories. So, in a break with our usual format:

in this version we will
be running in circles
from vangelis to pink floyd
in nine steps
including 9 decades of
glorious music
sit back
and enjoy the melody
if you google vangelis and the floyd--
right now
you will find an obsure link to
a very -- very third class gregorian choir
performing lousy malfunctions of both--
lets follow the classical way and
have a closer look
what was the true hookup--
evangelos odysseas papathanassiou
better known as vangelis is
an award-winning score composer--
you do know him from his work
for -chariots of fire, antarctica, alexander
and most beloved --- blade runner--
-- a perfect start for our 10 track roundabout
is vangelis'
--- blade runner blues
for the all time favorite dystopian
ridley scott science fiction movie--
released in 1982
in 1974 vangelis was asked to join --yes
when rick wakeman has left the prog rock band
to focus on solo projects--
but he refused ---
together with yes singer jon anderson
vangelis started a project in 1980
jon and vangelis -- but this is another story
-- listen to a clip from the 71 yes album --fragile
wakeman, keyboarder and
noted studio musician for t.rex, david bowie
and elton john
gave the group their typical wide orchestral sound
this is - hehe-
yep - the tracks title fits
one year later --it is 1972,
the drummer of --yes
bill bruford decided to leave
and join
another progressive rock giant
--king crimson
the band around their absolute boss
--robert fripp
-is well known for their
mastership in fusing
experimental, psychedelic, folk, jazz
and elements of classical music--
taken from the 1969 release
--in the court of the crimson king
which is said to be the landmark album
for genres such as alternative and grunge
heres the most beautiful track by the group
with its soothing experimental second part
--the dream and the illusion
adrian belew, ex king crimson gitarrist
did more than well on the
talking heads album - remain in light
his psychedelic craft was a perfect counterpart
to the heavily fela kuti inspired funky roots
on this 1980 milestone ---
despite of all the other wonderful tracks here
we are focusing on the talking heads debut album
from 1977 - called -- 77--
here comes --psycho killer
straight - tough - art punk
so they said
77 - talking heads all time classic
was produced by brian eno--
the multimedia artist and
founder of ambient music
needs no further comments--
having a wonderful and long list
of musical blueprints on his own--
-- heres a superbe rework
of peter gabriels -- mother of violence
-the original is from gabriels
second 1978 solo album--
-35 years later - in 2013
this is how
brian peter george st.john
le baptiste de la salle eno
does it
being a huge admirer and fan of john cale
brian eno also released a composition
of the master on his -obscure records imprint
in 1976--
john milton cage jr. was the leader
of the post-war experimental avantgarde,
composer, music theorist and artist--
coming now is a very early
example of his mastership
-- imaginary landscape no. 1
from 1939 --
the time when cage started playing
with rythmic structures
enjoy !!!
we do change one simple letter
voila - heres the next step
in our progression--
from john cage to john cale--
having worked together in the fluxus movement
and after his split from -- the velvet underground
cale began his solo career with
the 1970 release -- vintage violence
an almost classic pop folk album
-- this is -- amsterdam
a perfect ear pleaser to calm you down
from cales exercises
together with brian eno
cale released a nicety nice collaboration in 1990
-- wrong way up -
this links us to another
of enos numerous co-workers
--- peter gabriel --
the former genesis singer and front man
began his solo career in 1977--
--triple platinum chart runner
with his release -- so --in 1986
grammy award winner
and owner of the
world music imprint -- real world
this is a clip from his 2002 album -- up
called -- darkness
much 70's inspired and brillant reminder
why the new wave generation
was his excited disciples
back then
gabriels before mentioned release --so
included a duet with kate bush--
--don't give up--
the award winning
english singer-songwriter,
musician, record producer
is said to be
uks most succesfull female solo performer
in the last five decades--
taken from her eclectic 1982 album
--the dreaming
this is the remarkeable outtake
-- there goes a tenner
last but not least--
you won't believe this--
nobody else but floyd guitarist
david gilmour helped
the sixteen year old kate bush
producing the demo tape recordings
for her EMI debut.--
pink floyd - the ultimate psychedelic prog band
released their --ummagumma double album
one year after syd barret
--the former shaman of the group
..had left the band
being replaced by david gilmour---
--careful with that axe eugene
from 1969 is THE hymn of that time
a perfect way to
say goodbye
sail on
i hoped you enjoyed the show
following the mysterious paths
and links in music
--stay tuned

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