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Nadia Botello, Saint Shë

Saint Shë is a forty-minute musical montage produced, written and recorded by Nadia Botello in collaboration with Mattias Olsson. The 2010 work is constructed around the idea of playing the child's game of Telephone, featuring a fantastical array of gear, including mellotrons, optigan, chamberlin, assorted analog synthesizers (including Benny Andersson's Mini Moog), drum machines, stylophone, celeste, contrabass trumpet, pipe organs, children's toys and more. The secret of this piece is that it is full of secrets. Saint Shë was mixed and mastered with Brian McTear in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (43 minutes).


Open Territory


Musical innovators share their work in a combination of an interview. Including Max Neuhaus, Miles Davis, Christian Marclay, and more.