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Miles Davis: On The Corner (Live)

The electric music of Miles Davis destroyed the accumulated weight of the jazz tradition in a bold move that invented futuristic African space music. To make On The Corner, he jettisoned the usual chords, harmony and melodic clichés in the studio, and pared the music down to nothing and built it up again. In this extremely rare live recording from the Quaker Jazz Festival, Philadelphia, September 24, 1972, Miles' band includes Carlos Garnett (soprano sax), Cedric Lawson (keys), Reggie Lucas (guitar), Khalil Balakrishna (electric sitar), Michael Henderson (bass), Al Foster (drums), Mtume (percussion), and Badal Roy (tabla.)


Open Territory


Musical innovators share their work in a combination of an interview. Including Max Neuhaus, Miles Davis, Christian Marclay, and more.