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Michael "Kaves" McLeer, Skin Graf

A conversation with Michael "Kaves" McLeer, Billy Burke, and Sacha Jenkins on the book Skin Graf recorded April 24, 2013 at the New York Public Library.

Acclaimed graffiti artist turned tattooist Michael "Kaves" McLeer discusses his groundbreaking new book Skin Graf. He explores the relationship between graffiti and tattoo art, delving into their inherent connection and highlighting some of the most cutting-edge artists in the contemporary community. Fellow experts Billy Burke and Sacha Jenkins join Kaves for a lively conversation.

Mike "Kaves" McLeer is a world renowned graffiti artist and musician turned tattoo who, having left his literal mark on the NYC transit system from the age of ten, turned his attention to "legal" art in the form of fine art and tattooing, as well as acting.

Billy Burke is a cultural documentarian and entrepreneur. Having spent his young life immersed as a student of fringe cultures, his work continues blend study and play.

Sacha Jenkins is a writer, television producer, and musician living in New York City. Jenkins has written/co-authored many books on the history of graffiti and hip hop culture.

Conceived and organized by Arezoo Moseni of the New York Public Library and in its third year, Design and Style is a series of events featuring discussions and presentations by leading professionals in the various design fields.


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