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Matthew Ostrowski, Sounds & Systems

During his summer residency at The Clocktower, artist and composer Matthew Ostrowski created a new composition for computer-controlled rotary telephones. Developing robotic control over the bells, he created an environment based on swarm intelligence and small-world network algorithms, creating a carillon taking maximum advantage of the limited set of sonic options available to a traditional rotary phone. David Weinstein sat down with him in the studio to talk about this project and his many other endeavors including improvising with computer electronics (MAX/MSP), the hand glove he uses as a controller, his collaboration with bassist George Cremaschi, systems and phenomena useful in composition, the magical, and the practical.

The completed composition and installation remained on view throughout August 2012 in one of the Clocktower's Project Rooms. Visitors are invited to walk or sit among the phones. Recommended listening time is 20 minutes. Free and open to the public Tuesday-Friday from 12-5 p.m.


Open Territory


Musical innovators share their work in a combination of an interview. Including Max Neuhaus, Miles Davis, Christian Marclay, and more.