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Marylyn Dintenfass, Oculus

Marylyn Dintenfass and three internationally renowned architects, Carlos Brillenbourg, Christian Hoeningschimid, and moderator David Gersten discuss the oculus and its relationship with the cosmos, light, and scale as reflected in Dintenfass' recent artworks. Recorded October 22, 2015 at Driscoll Babcock Galleries in New York City.

The enigmatic Oculus is a powerful architectural, art and virtual reality form that resonates over millennia, from Rome’s Pantheon to New York City’s new Fulton Center. Dintenfass' Oculus works are also influenced by her attraction to architectural space and scale. The oculus (Latin for "eye") originated in Antiquity as a circular opening, often at the top of a dome. The oculus allowed a focused beam of natural light to illuminate a building's interior; this illumination changed with the hour, weather conditions and season.


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