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Machines in Music: Mark Verbos

An interview and live performance from Mark Verbos, recorded during the 2016 Machines in Music two-day event at Knockdown Center. Clocktower was on-site on October 8, 2016, for the opening day of MiM, collecting a package of recordings of the performance sets, a collage of interviews with the performers, and soundbites from participants and organizers of the fair.

Since the early 1990s, Verbos has worked as an electronic musician, recording engineer and synthesizer designer. His live performances are legendary for being entirely improvised using analog gear. Appearances in the most significant venues of techno around the world have followed. Since starting Verbos Electronics in 2014, he performs using the instrument he designed.

Machines In Music is a free two-day modular synthesizer exhibition that brings together users and makers for hands-on exploration, discussions, and performance. 2015's conference hosted 24 modular synthesizer companies from around the world, attracting the attention of beginners and experienced synthesizer users alike. For the 2016 iteration, there were 48 exhibitors, discussions by industry professionals, concerts on Saturday and Sunday night, as well as Visual Arts through out the venue.

Machines In Music is co-created by Verbos Electronics and Control.