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Lou Reed, Disco Mystic

David Colosi pays personal tribute to Lou Reed on the third anniversary of the poet-singer-songwriter supreme’s passing. Host Colosi on this special tribute episode: “Whenever I’ve been invited as a visiting poet, students always ask me what poets I like. My first answer is always Lou Reed. They don’t get it. Neil Gaiman said it best when he spoke about his fans who respond to his characters by dressing or making-up like them. He said he’s touched to see that he contributed to furnishing someone’s internal landscape. Now I never took heroin, but all of Lou Reed entered my veins from the earliest Velvets through his collaborations with Metallica and John Zorn and Laurie Anderson, and those rivers have done some carving in my landscape – not in the way I look, but in the way I write, make art and navigate. Lou considered himself a literate rocker, and one of his goals was to pursue the good line. And he wrote many of them. His literary influences are well know, Delmore Schwartz, Hubert Selby, William Burroughs and Edgar Allan Poe. He never tried to rewrite them, except for Poe, but even then, he made it his own. And this is where I come in. Lou went from literature to rock, and I’m going from rock back to literature. If he demonstrated his path of influence from Poe, then I could show mine from him. I didn’t know Lou Reed, and he sure as hell didn’t know me, but I met him a few times, and we exchanged a few words. These are some of the songs that inspired me to write, make and be. They’re blended in my head like a Mayonnaise Soda (that’s what life’s like without Lou). This is Disco Mystic; this is Waves of Fear.” DISCO MYSTIC – Lou Reed Tribute Advice – Animal Serenade, 2014 Balloon – The Raven, 2003 Intro to Street Hassle – Take No Prisoners, 1978 Disco Mystic – The Bells, 1979 Keep Away – Growing Up In Public, 1980 The Murder Mystery (Closet Mix) – The Velvet Underground – Peel Slowly and See, 1969 Hangin’ ‘Round – Transformer (Acoustic Demo), 1972 Work – Songs For Drella, 1990 Don’t Talk To Me About Work – Legendary Hearts, 1983 How Do You Speak To An Angel – Growing Up In Public, 1980 Metal Machine Music, Part II – Metal Machine Music, 1975 (Listening to Lou Reed in the Library – David Colosi) Talking Book – Perfect Night Live In London, 1998 Waves of Fear – The Blue Mask, 1982 Warrior King – Magic & Loss, 1992 Hooky Wooky – Set The Twilight Reeling, 1996 Dirty Blvd. – Animal Serenade, 2014 Part 1 – The Stone: Issue Three (Lou Reed, Laurie Anderson, John Zorn), 2008 Waltzing Matilda, Street Hassle, Slip Away – (Intro Animal Serenade, 2014), Street Hassle, 1978 The Blue Mask – The Blue Mask, 1982 Good Evening Mr. Waldheim – New York, 1989 Find Your Note – Hudson River Wind Meditations, 2007 (Fly Into A Son – excerpt, David Colosi) Fly Into A Son Medley: a. Ride Into The Sun (demo) – Velvet Underground, Loaded, 1970; b. Ride Into The Sun – Velvet Underground, Another View, (release date) 1986 c. Power & Glory Part II – Magic and Loss; 1992 d. (b.) e. Fly Into The Sun - New Sensations; 1984 f. Gassed & Stoked - Magic and Loss; 1992 g. (e.) h. (f.) i. (e.) Coney Island Baby – Take No Prisoners, 1978 Perfect Day – Transformer (Acoustic Demo – promo edit), 1972 Junior Dad – Lulu (with Metallica), 2011 The Bells – The Bells, 1979


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