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Los Wembler's

A concert recording from the legendary band from Iquitos, Peru, recorded during their first-time tour of the United States in 2015 in a performance of trippy, danceable tunes that mash up psych-rock and indigenous folk to irresistible effect.

Begun in 1968 by a father and his five sons, these Amazonian Cumbia pioneers helped launch the Chicha explosion of the 1970’s. Los Wembler’s have only rarely left the Amazon and the Sanchez Brothers are still faithful to an authentic sound that, though local, has connected them to a global audience. In this set, they deliver an original psychedelic repertoire that spans forty years and includes some of their hits, including Sonidio Amazonico and Danza del Petrolero, featured on the Roots of Chicha compilations.

Recorded in two parts during Los Wembler's concert at Pioneer Works July 9, 2015.


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