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Los Hacheros Live

Los Hacheros, like many of their heroes, hail from New York City and play music with roots in Cuba and Puerto Rico. The group plays Son Montuno, Charanga, Salsa and Bomba with a style that harks back to the early 70's when groups such as Grupo Folklorico y Experimental Nuevayorkino were exploring the deep connection between the city and its Cuban and Puerto Rican roots.

A band of only five musicians, Los Hacheros can sound like a conjunto of 12! Featuring Eddie Venegas – trombone, violin and chorus; Itai Kriss – flute, campana, guiro; Jimenez – lead vocals and congas; William Ash – baby bass; Jacob Plasse - tres (a guitar-like instrument originating from the Oriente Province in Cuba).