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London Essentials: September 2011

The night's are getting longer, Summer is starting to be a distant memory, but naturally, you'll still need your fix of what to do, should you find yourself jetting into London...! This month its all about showcasing some of our favourite London blogs - the real inside scoop on the greatest city in the world.*
And Katie's got a new job, so is going to be busy busy busy, so sadly, this is her last appearance for a while ;( But we wish her well!
*so says Mr. Stocker!

Remember there are lots of timeless tips in these shows. So even after the season has passed we are keeping them in the archive. Good advice on shops, shows, bands, sights. Now here's a helper's guide to what's on this show:

Katie caught up with Tom Jones from from Tired of London, Tired of Life. Tom posts something every day about something worth seeing in London.
Everything from open-house days, to museums, to Ye Olde English Taverns (Pubs, to you!)

The Tired of London, Tired of Life Walking Tour in September 2011 can be seen with this map. There's a couple of pictures from places on the walk too if you are curious, like a picture of Dr. Samuel Johnson, one of Johnson's House, and one of the plaque.

Phil spoke to Jules from London the Inside Blog to find out, among other things, her Top 3 recommendations on what to check out right now!

Hope that all made sense?! See you next time!


Our Correspondents: London


Phil Stocker assembles a now and again survey and cultural report from London covering all things theatre, music, and food. Stocker is a Producer at BBC Radio 1 in London. He currently produces the weekday Early Breakfast Show – Presented by Dev (0400 – 0630 GMT). For the last ten years at Radio 1 Phil’s worked with some of the biggest names in UK music radio across a range of music genre programming; Jo Whiley, Nick Grimshaw, Radio 1’s Chart Show, Colin Murray & Edith Bowman, Trevor Nelson, Annie Mac’s Mash- Up, Radio 1 Drum & Bass Show with Fabio & Grooverider, Ras Kwame, Dave Pearce, Steve Lamacq.