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Joseph Chaikin, Outtakes

In 1983, off off Broadway pioneer, Joseph Chaikin, produced and starred in four radio plays for WBAI. Collectively, the plays were entitled Night Voices and they aired consecutively at 11:00pm, over the course of two nights. Written by Bill Hart, each play is about the twilight state; the line that is drawn between wake and sleep. While the plays themselves have been lost, the following recording offers a rare opportunity to learn of the content of the plays, as well as a peak into Chaikin's creative process. He is joined by Roger Babb, Ronnie Gilbert and Tina Shepherd. All four of them were members of the company; The Other Theater.

Joseph Chaikin (1935-2003) was a celebrated founder of New York's The Open Theater and The Winter Project. He worked closely with The Living Theater and San Francisco's Magic Theater. As a playwright, actor, and director, he has influenced today's off off broadway productions. Chaikin is perhaps best known for producing and directing Viet Rock and The Serpent. His book, The Presence of The Actor was first published in 1972 by Theatre Communications Group and reprinted in 1991. In 2010, he was posthumously inducted into The American Theater Hall of Fame.