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John Orth, Holopaw

John Orth sits down with Joe Ahearn during a stop-over in New York and discusses his participation in a number of musical and artistic projects. They discuss F.L.A. gallery in Gainesville, Florida, which he runs with Kelie Bowman (previously of Cinders Gallery, Brooklyn, NY) and talk about work they exhibited by Clocktower alumni Serra Victoria Bothwell Fels, with the shipment of her new works to SCOPE being the impetus for his visit. Orth describes his participation while in town with the massive group exhibition called Headscapes, organized by the Rabid Hands art collective, and tells Ahearn about how he began his career as a singer through drawing comics. The conversation includes tracks from Holopaw's Academy Songs, Volume I.

Holopaw is a long-loved independent rock band from Gainesville, Florida. The band was named after the town of Holopaw in Osceola County, although none of the members of the band have ever lived there. In addition to Paw, frontman John Orth has also performed alongside Modest Mouse’s Isaac Brock as Ugly Casanova.


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