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House Music Long Players

Long mixes that take you on a journey. This is the theme of this edition of In the Hopper. Recently, Jeannie was invited to spin for Deep Space which is where the journey begins (including the roller coaster dub ride of Scott Hardkiss' You & I). Romain's latest, Ocean 13 House Anthem, has DJ's scrambling to figure out when he's going to let it out for greater consumption and on which of his labels? Gotta Keep Faith Records is fast becoming a favorite with quality releases ranging from Disco-infused to spectacular vocal tracks. Enjoy the latest greatest dance tunes; keeps the Hopper mighty happy to share these gems with you!


In the Hopper


In her DJ sets and on WBAI's Liquid Sound Lounge, DJ Jeannie Hopper gives independent artists, record labels and producers a chance to be heard.