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Guerilla Toss, Recorded Live

The high intensity, noisy, and inventive Guerilla Toss performed a one hour set of brutal rock and roll dance music in the shipping container/recording studio in the idyllic garden at Pioneer Works and launched into a live streamcast as part of our Playing Hooky series on May 20, 2016.

Ecstatic, vital, and brilliantly unhinged, Guerilla Toss promotes positive energy and twisted spirituality through brutal, intelligent, live rock and roll dance music. A Guerilla Toss concert is more of a ritual than a performance; it is the unique pairing of musical voices and backgrounds that makes them such a special party band. But they are more than that – Guerilla Toss gets real when you pay close attention. Their music is inspired by drug addiction/mental illness and the re-birth of the soul through spiritual practice and psychedelic drug healing – helping the listener overcome these mind-fuck hardships.

Clocktower Radio's Playing Hooky is a bi-monthly, live in-studio performance series, streamed live on Clocktower Radio at The programs are offered as a distraction from the work-week blues, and recorded, collected, and posted to this page alongside insightful interviews with the performers. Past episodes include performances from Frankie Cosmos, Helado Negro, Ikue Mori, Ned Rothenberg, and many more.



Playing Hooky


A weekly live concert series, recorded posted alongside insightful interviews with the performers, such as Frankie Cosmos, Helado Negro, Ikue Mori, Ned Rothenberg, and more.