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Flatland Limo

In the latest edition of Art and Technology, Daniel Durning records his program outside of the Armory Show with a stylish ride in artist Holly Crawford's Flatland Limo project, a traveling video exhibition space and alternative to the traditional white box viewing experience. Along for the ride is a group of artists, critics and scholars who discuss the work showing on the limo's video screens while traveling down the Westside highway and enjoying the champagne. Holy Crawford hosts the ride with the passengers Marjan Moghaddam, Christine Licata, Eli Epstein Dutch, and John Sebaskien.

Holly Crawford is an artist, writer and art historian. Her work examines mass media and pop culture and its relationship to art. Her latest book Attached to the Mouse discusses how Disney, a mass media corporation, influences contemporary art. She has exhibited internationally including; Sound Art Limo / Critical Conversations in a Limo were part of Melbourne International Arts Festival in 2007.

Marjan Moghaddam is a New York-based computer artist. Her animations and visual music pieces have been shown internationally and her work Computer 69 was one of the final selections of the Kansas City Filmmaker's Jubilee a collaboration with the American Jazz Museum. She is a recent recipient of a Brooklyn Arts Council grant in multimedia and her work can be seen in the Power of Art Program, May 8th, Spike Lee Screening Room, Brooklyn Campus of Long Island University. Moghaddam has exhibited her computer art and animation internationally at numerous galleries and museums including international conferences and festivals such as Siggraph and the New York International Video and New Media festival. She is credited as one of the first artists to create gif89a animation on the Internet and is listed as part of the Internet Pioneer Hall. She will be performing her new work at the Opening Event of the Siggraph 2006 Guerrilla Studio in Boston.

For more information, visit The Iterated 69 Sessions.


Art & Technology


Art & Technology is a radio program that investigates how advancements in new technologies are affecting artists and their work. The series consists of interviews with contemporary visual and audio artists discussing their work, influences, aesthetics and the technical issues they encounter in the creation of their art, relating their personal views about the uses and usages of new media in the art world today. The show opens a discourse with artists working in Interactive, Performance, Screen Based, and Audio and Sound Based media about the role that dynamic technologies play in contemporary art and their own artwork.