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Dubspot is a cutting-edge electronic music production and DJ school in NYC, Los Angeles and on the Web. Jeannie Hopper speaks with Dubspot's Michele Darling, Director of Education and of the band Girls Like Bass, and DJ Kelly Webb, Director of Student Affairs and from the group Fresh Fish. The two discuss how their background as artists brought them to Dubspot. Music and technology seem to be forever in tandem with great strides in electronic music production and live performance. This has been particularly evident in the past decade with the advent of digital dj'ing, controllerism, and Ableton Live. Dubspot offers teachers who are actual artist/producers , programs for kids age 7 and older, and workshops to get your feet wet.


Emerging Underground


Delving deep into the the underground music scene, Clocktower hosts listen, comment, question and probe to get the latest and greatest of what's bubbling in the music scene. From jazz to metal to rock and all musical experiments in between, our hosts wade through the unknown areas of music to find, play, and interview the best new artists from way-out of the mainstream.