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Dub is so comforting in times of war and strife (drawing in the Bob Marley feelings of "everything is going to be alright"). Rhythm and Culture presents the first release from Second Sky. Aram Scaram, the host of a long standing Reggae radio show in Toronto, releases Trouble under his moniker Citizen Sound. New York's Redbud Records and Bastard Jazz always unearth hidden gems keeping vinyl alive. Six Degrees Records has a consistent release of world music fused with electronics like Gaudi's latest Brainwashed and the awesome Bombay Dub Orchestra.

Also, enjoy Agape featuring Nadia Harris out of Miami with her dub band, Miguel Graca out of Montreal with his dubbed out talking drum and Four Tet's latest electronic 'ping ponger'.

With much gratitude to the labels behind these artists:

Rhythm and Culture, Balance, Redbud, Six Degrees, and Bastard Jazz.


In the Hopper


In her DJ sets and on WBAI's Liquid Sound Lounge, DJ Jeannie Hopper gives independent artists, record labels and producers a chance to be heard.