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Ding: A Concert of Chimes, Bells, & Gongs

Percussionists Shayna Dunkelman, Fast Forward, Jake Nussbaum, Pat Spadine, and Tim Spelios in a 90-minute free session for metal instruments recorded live in concert at Outpost Gallery in December 2015. Trippy, funny, soothing, and deeply beautiful.

With over 100 instruments on hand, and some special chimes and handmade xylophones from David Horvitz and Skip LaPlante on loan, the five performers roamed the space freely exchanging sounds and musical messages using all. Bells, cymbals, toys, pots and pans, Tibetan bowls, a semi-truck wheel hub, a bucket of bottle caps, and some surprise interruptions, made the night.

As a kind of radio experiment, we have mixed two recordings of the event. One microphone was placed 15 feet above and the other at eye level, about 50 feet apart. The result is a time/space/sound warp, with a synchronization crossfade that meets in the middle and multiplies the magical illusion.

Recorded live in concert at Outpost Artists Resources in Ridgewood, Queens on December 22, 2015 as part of their ongoing concert series.



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