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Carlos Casas, End

Filmmaker and visual artist Carlos Casas, from Spain, presents a selection of Fieldworks films from his award winning trilogy End. These pieces are audio/video documents of location recordings and radio frequencies captured in some of the most extreme environments on the planet - Patagonia, Aral, Siberia; the single channel films are followed by a two screen projection and live soundtrack of Tundra, a film about a day in the life of a reindeer herder community in Siberia.

About his work, Casas has written:
Using image and sound as a sort of spatial instrument, I am interested in short waves signals and VLF, their atmospheric qualities and sound, capturing the radio waves in each of the landscape I portray, allowing me to grasp another dimension of it. A sort of enhanced perception. I am interested also in the asynchronous randomness of the relation between soundtrack and film. I see this work as a sort of post structural film, where documentary and experimental film manners meet.


Experimental Intermedia Concerts


A radio series of programs recorded at Experimental Intermedia Foundation (EI), the legendary, influential downtown New York loft venue, incubator, showcase, and community center for composers and experimenters in the arts, known for being first and best at presenting (and recording!) new music and new media since the 70s. The concert series is programmed and produced by composer Phill Niblock who has been directing presentations at Experimental Intermedia since 1973 (well over 1,000 performances) and he is the curator of EI's XI Records label. In 1993, he opened a satellite space with window gallery in Ghent, Belgium. For more on the concert series, recordings, archives, and other intermedia adventures of Phill Niblock around the globe visit the Experimental Intermedia Foundation site. This radio project is a partnership between Experimental Intermedia Foundation and The Clocktower Gallery and its radio station at The series is produced and managed with the generous efforts of Byron Westbrook.