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Boogie Baladi

This program is dedicated to the boogie - a survey on disco influenced Arabic music from the late 70s to early 80s, featuring some of the most popular tracks from this period as well as lesser known underground kitchy bootlegs. Prepare yourself for infectious break beats, electrified buzuqs, suped-up synths, and possessed accordians; all culled from a rich sonic tapestry of vinyl, cassettes, mp3s, and VHS transfers.

Featuring tracks by Ezzat Abu Auf & Furqa 4M, Baligh Hamdi, Hassan Abou El Seoud, Mohamed Cherif & Maya El Moghrabi, Salem El Hajj, Setrak, Warda, Matar Mohamed, Samara Said, Maya Yazbek, Etab, Nicolas El Dick, Jacques Kodjian, Ihsan Al Munzer, Jean Kassapian, Assad Khoury, and Ahmed Fakrun.


Electric Kahraba


Searching for unique sounds of independent Middle Eastern Music, J. Namy aka Electric Kahraba, brings together contemporary and traditional music from the region.