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Bob Bellerue, Amplified

Noise composer, experimental musician, and creative technician Bob Bellerue in a live radio session, and some conversation, recorded during the Clocktower's June 3, 2016 Playing Hooky streamcast from the shipping container/recording studio in the idyllic garden at Pioneer Works. The performance incorporates the artist's recent sound work utilizing resonant feedback systems, amplified instruments/objects and spaces, electronics, and Supercollider programming.

Bellerue, now based in Brooklyn, has been involved in a wide range of creative activities for over 25 years – experimental electronic music, junk metal percussion ensembles, Balinese gamelan, sound scores for dance/theater/video/performance art, and installation sound and video art. He was formerly based in Los Angeles, where he ran the sub-garde experimental music/performance space the Il Corral, and curated the Beyond Music series and festival. He is an audio engineer and event producer, the force behind the Ende Tymes festival, and working with Issue Project Room and other New York venues.

Clocktower Radio's Playing Hooky is a bi-monthly, live in-studio performance series, streamed live on Clocktower Radio at The programs are offered as a distraction from the work-week blues, and recorded, collected, and posted to this page alongside insightful interviews with the performers. Past episodes include performances from Frankie Cosmos, Helado Negro, Ikue Mori, Ned Rothenberg, and many more.


Playing Hooky


A weekly live concert series, recorded posted alongside insightful interviews with the performers, such as Frankie Cosmos, Helado Negro, Ikue Mori, Ned Rothenberg, and more.