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Black Sea Diary

On July 8, 2011 the Soundwalk Collective departed the port of Atakoy Marina in Istanbul on a Turkish gullet with its 23 foot masts rigged with radio antennae and wired to an array of radio scanners. The goal: to create the Black Sea Diary, a unique sound portrait of the Black Sea, those who live on its shores, and what thrives beneath its waters.

Over the course of their voyage, the Soundwalk Collective updated Clocktower with sonic dispatches composed of sound fragments of the Black Sea, animal, mineral, and otherwise.

The Soundwalk Collective is composed of five members, Stephan Crasneanscki, Dug Winningham, Simone Merli, Kamran Sadeghi, and Jake Harper whose work has been exhibited at Centre Pompidou in Paris, Villa Noailles in Hyeres, MADRe Museum of Contemporary Art in Napoli, Shanghai World Expo, Abu Dhabi Biennial of Art, Maison des Arts de Creteil, and Chanel Mobile Art.

Track 1: July 11 - Communications between cargo ships, rhythms of the deep night, voices into the early morning, emergency calls, religious prayers and distant noises.



Open Territory


Musical innovators share their work in a combination of an interview. Including Max Neuhaus, Miles Davis, Christian Marclay, and more. 

Soundwalk Collective


The Soundwalk Collective is an international art collective based in Berlin & New York City. Since 2000 they have been sonic nomads, embarking on never ending journeys from the desolate land of Bessarabia to the desert of Rub al Khali. By exploring and documenting the world around us through its sounds, the Collective abstracts and re-composes narrative sound pieces through fragments of reality to form distinct audible journeys. About the Anniversary Series Soundwalk Collective has won international recognition for their work of abstracting and re-composing narrative sound pieces through fragments of reality, and by forging evocative journeys in sound that are exhibited in the form of sound installation and performance. This Anniversary Series will showcase selected works that have both defined and defied the soundscape genre in an 8-part radio retrospective dedicated to the Collective's diverse body of work. Produced in collaboration with Resonance FM 104.4 FM, London [UK] and made available here in partnership with