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Bio-Art or Bio-Terror?

In this most important program, host Suzanne Anker asks her guests, former Whitney Museum director David Ross, Steven Henry Madoff (art journalist and onetime editor of ARTNews, and filmmaker Virgil Wong about the federal government's action against the activist artist Steve Kurtz and the Critical Art Ensemble. How much of this is fact, how much fiction? Why have no politicians come forward with a response? This many years after the Culture Wars, has the government succeeded in criminalizing artists? Should artists be making work with life-forms? The answers are just as provocative as the questions!


The Bio-Blurb Show


From "wetware" practices to "live" art, from reproductive technologies to cloning, from plastic surgery to brain chips, the "Bio-Blurb" show explores the futuristic aspects of the "sci-art" conjunction in the US, the UK, Germany and Australia. The show is host to artists, scientists, curators, critics and philosophers who explore the intersections of the visual arts and the genetic sciences in contemporary art.