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Animation as Art or the Art of Animation?

Host Daniel Durning speaks with two artists working at the forefront of 3D animation.

Jeffrey Lerer is currently working on a 3D animated film, Manuscript Fragments Found at the Gilbert Hotel, based on his novel of a collection of vignettes written in 26 fragments (a-z), and presented as a series of three dimensional computer animations. Using painterly composition and color, this filmmaker and animator brings to life the strange characters from his 1950's noir flophouse with the finesse, beauty and camera methodology reminiscent of Hitchcock.

Michael Ferraro is a founding father of 3D animation, from his work on Tron to being one of the original partners of Blue Sky Studios, the Academy Award-winning 3D animation house that produced Ice Age and Robots.


Art & Technology


Art & Technology is a radio program that investigates how advancements in new technologies are affecting artists and their work. The series consists of interviews with contemporary visual and audio artists discussing their work, influences, aesthetics and the technical issues they encounter in the creation of their art, relating their personal views about the uses and usages of new media in the art world today. The show opens a discourse with artists working in Interactive, Performance, Screen Based, and Audio and Sound Based media about the role that dynamic technologies play in contemporary art and their own artwork.