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After The End of Art - Death Art?

Laura Lindgren, Allan Ludwig and Pete Mauro join host Suzanne Anker for this discussion of representations of the mortal coil among the "formaldehyde photography set," on gravestones, and elsewhere.

Laura Lindgren is co-publisher, editor and designer for Blast Books, including The Mutter Museum and Daniel's Guillotine: Its Legend and Lore. Allan Ludwig is the author of Graven Images: New England Stonecarving and Its Symbols, 1650-1815. Art historian Pete Mauro has written about the intersect of science and technology in the post-Civil war era to the present, sometimes focusing on pseudo-science, criminology and biometric surveillance.


The Bio-Blurb Show


From "wetware" practices to "live" art, from reproductive technologies to cloning, from plastic surgery to brain chips, the "Bio-Blurb" show explores the futuristic aspects of the "sci-art" conjunction in the US, the UK, Germany and Australia. The show is host to artists, scientists, curators, critics and philosophers who explore the intersections of the visual arts and the genetic sciences in contemporary art.