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Sheananigans 2.0

Live music archivists Adam Reich, Luke Chiaruttini & Nora Dabdoub of Brooklyn venue Shea Stadium invite members of the DIY music community to share their favorite tracks, favorite stories, and discuss the past, present and future of independent music in NYC.


Greta Kline
Chris Gethard
Sadie Dupuis
Jonah Furman, Krill
Vincent Cacchione, Soft Black + Caged Animals
Ray Weiss, Le Rug
Noah Klein (Cuddle Formation & FMLY)
Nate Terepka
Carrie-Anne Murphy, Bad Credit No Credit and Clapperclaw
Leah Wellbaum, Slothrust
Colin Langenus, Jam Maestro
RJ Gordon & Dan Goldin, Exploding in Sound
Jordan Michael Iannucci, DIY Historian
Krissy Rubbles & Davey Jones Playlist
Eli Lerhoff aka Smhoak Mosheein
Juan Wauters Playlist