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Caresse Lansberg hosts, Arte con ESTILO, a Venezuelan radio program of interviews with rising and established artists as well as prominent personalities from the art world.

In Venezuala, the show has become a resounding success and a regular feature on Sunday morning programming of Radio VenFM, a quality media outlet. Each segment of the program is accompanied with music carefully selected by Ms. Lansberg and played by a popular DJ with the aim of attracting a younger audience.

Ms. Lansberg is working in collaboration with The Clocktower Gallery & Radio to build her Latin audience in the U.S. She interviews musicians, architects, film directors, curators, galerists, art critics, actors, writers, and more in a continued effort to the promotion of art.


Vasco Szinetar
Rolando Peña
Maria Luz Cardenas
Armando Scannone, Gastronome
Oswaldo Vigas
Marva Griffin Wilshire, Saloni
Carlos Gutiérrez, Cinema Tropical
Gabriela Rangel, Americas Society
Axel Stein, Sotheby's
Angel Sanchez