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P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center

Discussions, readings, performances, presentations, and interviews with artists exhibiting work or making presentations at P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center (now MoMA/PS1).


Michael Pollan: Taking the Plant's Point of View
Fine Print: Critical Mess
Burt Barr
Philip Maysles
Halsey Burgund: Bring Your Own Voice
Subway Sessions
The Relay Project
Clear Cut Press: The Hour of Power
Jon Kessler
X-Patsys: Kessler, Longo, Sukowa
Woman of Many Faces: Isabelle Huppert
Stephen Shore: American Surfaces Revisited
Greater New York 2005 Update with Neville Wakefield
Greater New York 2005 Update with Lumi Tan
Greater New York 2005 Update with Sarah Kessler