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Indigenous Worlds

From homegrown grassroots movements, tradition, and musical experimentation comes a wide and international array of musicians who put their own spin on national and indigenous music. Sometimes rupturing the traditions of the past and sometimes affirming them, the songs of these shows spring from the porches of the world.


DJ Sabine, Sango Mix
Chicha Libre Goes To Sleep
Feedel Band (Ethiopia/DC)
Zongo Junction
Atash, Everything Is Music
Pete Lawrence: Chill Mix
Mohsen Namjoo, Iran Modern
Annihaya, After The End
Louie Vega & Elements of Life
Mkataa, Dubai Bootlegs
(a(version)s) (Middle East)
Push Button Synth Styles Change Up Arab Street Sounds
Pakistan: Neo-Sufi and the American Jugni, Part 2
Pakistan: Neo-Sufi and the American Jugni, Part 1
Pachanga & Boogaloo (Cuba 1960s)
The Chindia Dialogues: New Music & China
B├ęco Dranoff, Red Hot + Rio 2
Sinawai: Korean Shaman Music
Les Nubians, Nu Revolution
Gage Averill, Alan Lomax in Haiti
Haiti Benefit Concert: L'Union Fait Force
New York Gypsy Festival
Nation Beat, Scott Kettner
Istanbulive: The Sounds & Colors of Turkey
DJ Interviews: Earthman Experience
Charles Hutagalung, Indonesian Pop
Indonesia: Keroncong in the 1960s (Mariati)
A Tribute to Andy Palacio, Garifuna
Indonesian Pavilion
The Music of Sasandu
Cuba: Music from 1920-2004
Lining Hymns
Shift Soora: Music of Iran (1940s-50s)
DJ Rekha on Bollywood Disco, Pt. 2
The African Tip
Os Mutantes
Punita Singh: India Earatica
Kalimantan Strings
Hit the Trail, Swedish Experimental Rock
Ethiopia: The Golden Years of Modern Music
La Caldera #2
DJ Rekha, Basement Bhangra
DJ Rekha, Beat Bazaar
Africa Pavilion: Dola's Hip Hop Gallery