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Hook Files

Hook Files is a three-part radio miniseries, documenting the oral-history of Red Hook, Brooklyn, featuring community voices discussing themes of crime, Hurricane Sandy, and the "front and back" of the neighborhood. The series is organized by the Red Hook Initiative Digital Stewards, led by artist and educator Cassie Wagler. To create Hook Files, media producers Marlaina Eaddy, John Reid, and Naheem Morris interviewed over a dozen people in Red Hook about their experiences and stories in this community. They spoke with business owners, community activists, lifelong residents of the neighborhood, and some new folks too. John Reid is a 23 year-old resident of Red Hook and a member of Generation 4 of the Digital Stewards. Some of the projects he has done as a Digital Steward include: designing labels for the Red Hook Winery, producing a short documentary on Hometown BBQ (a local restaurant), participating in a digital media bootcamp, representing the Digital Stewards and Red Hook Wifi at the Allied Media Conference in Detroit, and producing the radio “Hook Files” with Pioneer Works and Clocktower Radio. His goal is to create a full service production company with his Digital Stewards colleagues, and for them to support each other in realizing their goals as artists and producers. Naheem Morris was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. During his formative years, the world of photography was still very new. Richard was a professional photographer who had a keen eye for photography. Often times when Naheem would visit his house, he would see all kinds of different images hanging on the wall, from a picture of a girl crying, to a smoky mysterious ally. Naheem became fascinated with all the different emotions and memories that can be triggered in a person with just a picture. He most enjoys taking photos in Red Hook because of the amazing subjects in the neighborhood that Naheem wants the world to see! Cassie Wagler is an artist, radio producer, and educator. She is the Education and Community Programs Manager at Pioneer Works, and loves working with the Digital Stewards to produce tech and media projects. Hook Files is presented in collaboration with: Digital Stewards Red Hook Initiative Pioneer Works Clocktower Radio Brooklyn Public Library The Brooklyn Public Library has made some of the Hook Files stories available through the Our Streets, Our Stories project. Interview participants: Bonita Felix Carmen Sanchez Eric Sneddon Florence Neal Juana Navaez Lenora Tucker Miguel Benitez Shaquana Cooke Sharlynda Johnson Steve Tarpin Tony Schloss Veronica Harris Yolanda Diaz


Hook Files: Front and Back
Hook Files: Crime
Hook Files: Hurricane Sandy