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Close Listening

Conversations and readings with poets and artists, produced in cooperation with PennSound and hosted by Charles Bernstein, the American poet, theorist, editor, and literary scholar. Bernstein was born in New York City in 1950. He is a foundational member and leading practitioner of Language poetry. Bernstein was educated at the Bronx High School of Science and at Harvard University, where he studied philosophy with Stanley Cavell and wrote his final thesis on Gertrude Stein and Ludwig Wittgenstein.

In the mid-1970s Bernstein became active in the experimental poetry scenes in New York and San Francisco, not only as a poet, but also as an editor, publisher, and theorist. With visual artist and wife Susan Bee, Bernstein published several now well-known poets whose work is associated with Language writing. Between 1978-1981, with fellow poet Bruce Andrews, he published L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E magazine, which became a forum for writing that blurred, confused, and denied the boundary between poetry and critical writing about poetry.

Bernstein’s own poetic work explores the wide-ranging uses of language within diverse social contexts. His poetry combines the language of politics, popular culture, advertising, literary jargon, corporate-speak, and myriad others to show the ways in which language and culture are mutually constructive and interdependent. As Bernstein says in an interview with Bradford Senning: “I want to engage the materials of the culture, derange them as they have deranged me, sound them out, as they sound me out." Bernstein’s writing is serious, engaging, and critical, while also being playful, irreverent and deeply humorous.


Harold Schimmel Pt.2, Talk
Harold Schimmel Pt.1, Reading
Colin Browne
Daphne Marlatt
Tyrone Williams
Close Listening: Ko Ko Thett
Lisa Robertson, Cinema of the Present
Will Alexander, The Politics of Poetry
Patricia Spears Jones, Femme Du Monde
Naomi Replansky Conversation
John Ashbery Conversation
Julie Patton: I'm Not Black, I'm Blue
Julie Patton Reading
Reina María Rodríguez Interview
Jay Sanders, Part 2
Jay Sanders, Part 1
Alexander Skidan Conversation
Alexander Skidan Reading
Bill Berkson in Conversation
Cia Rinne Conversation
Cia Rinne Reading
Miles Champion Conversation
Miles Champion Reading
Samuel R. Delany Conversation
Zeyar Lynn Reading
Tonya Foster Conversation
Tonya Foster Reading
Zeyar Lynn, Conversation
Khin Aung Aye & James Byrne, Conversation
Stanley Cavell Conversation
Gerrit Lansing Conversation
Gerrit Lansing Reading
Matvei Yankelevich, Conversation
Matvei Yankelevich Reading
Joel Kuszai Conversation
Joel Kuszai Reading
Ted Greenwald Conversation
Jerome McGann Conversation
Jerome McGann Reading
Johanna Drucker Conversation
Johanna Drucker Reading
Joan Retallack Conversation
Joan Retallack Reading
Nathaniel Mackey Conversation
Nathaniel Mackey Reading
Arkadii Dragomoshchenko Conversation
Arkadii Dragomoshchenko Reading
Anna Hallberg Conversation
Anna Hallberg Reading
Jorgen Gassilewski Conversation
Jorgen Gassilewski Reading
Dominique Fourcade Reading
Fred Wah Conversation
Fred Wah Reading
Erín Moure Conversation
Erín Moure Reading
Dmitry Golynko Conversation
Dmitry Golynko Reading
Rosmarie Waldrop Conversation
Rosmarie Waldrop Reading
Keith Waldrop Conversation
Keith Waldrop Reading
Marjorie Perloff Conversation, Part 2
Marjorie Perloff Conversation, Part 1
Marjorie Perloff Reading
Régis Bonvicino Interview
Régis Bonvicino Reading
A.L. Nielsen Interview
A.L. Nielsen Reading
George Kuchar Reading, Part 1
George Kuchar Reading, Part 2
George Kuchar Interview
Mira Schor Interview
Mira Schor Reading
Ken Jacobs Reading, Pt. 1
Ken Jacobs Reading, Pt. 2
Ken Jacobs Interview
Bruce Pearson Interview
Mónica de la Torre Interview
Mónica de la Torre Reading
Wystan Curnow Interview
Edition #72: Jean-Michel Rabate
Edition #70: Eileen Myles Reading
Hank Lazer Interview
Edition #69: Dominique Fourcade Interview
Michael Davidson Interview
Michael Davidson Reading
Hank Lazer Reading
Alan Loney Reading
Alan Loney Interview
Lawrence Joseph Interview
Lawrence Joseph Reading
John Tranter Reading
Peter Gizzi Interview
Peter Gizzi Reading
Elizabeth Willis Interview
Elizabeth Willis Reading
Al Filreis
Douglas Messerli Interview, Pt. 2
Douglas Messerli Reading
Douglas Messerli, Interview, Pt. 1
Edition #49: Ernie Gehr
Edition #48: Henry Hills
Edition #47: Maggie O'Sullivan Interview
Lee Ann Brown Interview
Sergei Gandlevsky Interview
Edition #41: Myung Mi Kim Interview
Edition #39: Phong Bui
Abigail Child Interview
Abigail Child Reading
John Yau Interview
John Yau Reading
Norman Fischer Interview
Norman Fischer Reading
Alan Davies Interview
Alan Davies Reading
Ann Lauterbach Interview
Ann Lauterbach Reading
Richard Tuttle Interview
Richard Tuttle Reading
Mimi Gross Interview
Robert Grenier Interview, Pt. 2
Robert Grenier Interview, Pt. 1
Richard Foreman Reading Plays
Richard Foreman Interview
Richard Foreman Reading Prose
Rae Armantrout Interview
Rae Armantrout Reading
Mei-mei Berssennbrugge Interview
Mei-mei Berssennbrugge Reading
Thomas McEvilley Interview
Thomas McEvilley Reading
Drew Milne Interview
Drew Milne Reading
Redell Olsen Interview
Redell Olsen Reading
Pierre Joris Interview
Pierre Joris Reading
Erica Hunt Interview
Erica Hunt Reading
Ted Greenwald
Nick Piombino Interview
Tan Lin Interview
Tan Lin Reading
Tracie Morris Interview
Tracie Morris Reading
Edition #71: Eileen Myles Interview