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Clocktower Exhibits & Events

Clocktower Exhibits & Events is home to an archive of interviews with artists, curators, musicians, organizers, and more who have participated in Clocktower exhibitions and events throughout our organization’s history. 

Many of the below recordings were documented while Clocktower was in the midst of a transformation. The original name, The Clocktower Gallery, was given to the exhibition, residency, and performance space in TriBeCa, founded by alternative spaces movement pioneer Alanna Heiss in 1972. After 2001, the Clocktower Gallery re-inaugurated its exhibition programming in 2005 as part of MoMA/PS1 and, after 2008, under the auspices of Art International Radio. In 2013, we moved on from our downtown Manhattan location, and have since renamed the organization Clocktower Productions, a title which encompasses our radio, exhibition, and event programming. 

For more Clocktower history, listen to The Clocktower Oral History Project, in which such figures as Vito Acconci, Bill Beirne, Colette, Jeffrey Deitch, Mary Heilmann, Jene Highstein, Ann Magnuson, Richard Nonas and Joel Shapiro reflect upon their experiences with this unique New York space. Organized by artist Nancy Hwang for the Fall 2009 AVANT-GUIDE TO NYC: Discovering Absence exhibition at apexart.

NB: Clocktower Radio was launched by MoMA/PS1 in 2004 as the Web's first art radio station. It has been independent since 2009 and is licensed to host content created under PS1 management. Programs produced prior to 2011 may refer to our earlier URLs and station IDs, including,, and Art International Radio. For the complete history of Clocktower Radio, read our Mission & History section.  


Tetraphonics: MSHR
Tetraphonics: Lea Bertucci's Quadraphonic Cello
Tetraphonics: Hubble (Ben Greenberg)
Guardian Alien in Times Square
Screaming Females in Times Square
Marina Rosenfeld Deployed
Woody Sullender, Furniture Music
Phill Niblock, No Fancy Name
Second Sundays Mixtape (November 2015)
Nate Wooley, Gabrieli Mix
Lea Bertucci, Double Bass Crossfade
Afrofunk Sauce
Anxious Spaces II: Via App
Anxious Spaces II: Ital
Your Boy Black Helmet Vol. 21
Your Boy Black Helmet Vol. 20
Cities Are Natural (Composition Three), Melissa F. Clarke
Anxious Spaces II: Aurora Halal
Second Sundays July 2015: I Love Vinyl
Anxious Spaces: Extreme Animals
Anxious Spaces II: July 2015 Mixtape
Cities Are Natural (Composition Three): Volvox, UMFANG, Mike Sheffield
Sabisha Friedberg, Village Fete Vinyl Mix
RAFT: Transmissions
Melissa F. Clarke, Cities Are Natural (Composition One)
MVT3: Nick Chatfield-Taylor, Jay Buim, and Joe Ahearn
Auditorium Preview
Kato Hideki & Brian Chase, afloat
Oyama Enrico Isamu Letter, Against Literacy
Peals, Time is a Milk Bowl
Amirtha Kidambi Quartet
Grandwizzard Theodore Live
Isn't Ours (Live)
John Supko & Bill Seaman, s_traits
Richard Nonas, Because Everything
Living Live: Radio Underground & Beyond
Living Live: The Art of the Soundtrack
Drew Conrad, Roadside Attraction
Living Live: The Free Music Archive & WFMU Radio
Anxious Spaces: Zero to Infinity
After Hours: Ebe Oke
Anxious Spaces: Raul de Nieves
Anxious Spaces 2014: Brian Chase
Living Live: I Love Vinyl: Interview & DJ Session
Anxious Spaces: Ryan Power
Anxious Space: Mick Barr
Anxious Spaces: Tyondai Braxton
Anxious Spaces: Desi Santiago, Mummy Procession
Ebe Oke, OBID
Anxious Spaces: Trabajo
Anxious Spaces 2014: Dutch E Germ
Anxious Spaces 2014: Bubbles
Anxious Spaces VnessWolfCHild
Anxious Spaces: Cloud Becomes Your Hand
Carolyn Pennypacker Riggs, Bouquet
Living Live: Peter Coffin, Music for Plants, Vol. 2
Anxious Spaces, Artist Interviews
Daniel Rangel & Lenora De Barros, Poiesis in Praxis
James Mercer, Mysterious House
Lea Bertucci, Recorded Live
The Horse-Eyed Men, Recorded Live
Kate Ferencz, Recorded Live
Glockabelle, Recorded Live
Eskimeaux, Recorded Live
The Spookfish, Recorded Live
Clocktower Launch at Pioneer Works, Interviews 5
Clocktower Launch at Pioneer Works, Interviews 4
After Hours: An Evening at the Lambs Club: Michael Hanf, Joseph Keckler & Helga Davis
Clocktower Launch at Pioneer Works, Interviews 3
After Hours: Joseph Keckler, I am an Opera
Clocktower Launch at Pioneer Works, Interviews 2
After Hours: Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe, Plume, for Biba Bell
Clocktower Launch at Pioneer Works, Interviews 1
After Hours: Biba Bell & Sherry Dobbin Interview
Aaron Roche & Caroline Shaw, Partita Remix
Dale Henry, The Artist in View
John Mejias, I'm Wurried +
Clocktower Celebration Performances
Tara Jane O'Neil Live
Crystal Stokowski, Shark's Tooth
Ed Schrader's Music Beat
Rachel Mason & Little Band of Sailors Live
Prince Rama and Astral Projects: Never Forever
Ranjit Bhatnagar, Singing Room for a Shy Person
Lucky Dragons, Ooga Booga Bongo Music
People Get Ready
Weekend, The Band
Andrew Demirjian and Chris Meigh Andrews
After Hours, Sky Lines: Jana Hunter & Peals
The Gamelatron Interviews
Nomi Ruiz: Borough Gypsy Mixtape & Interview
Peals & Romantic States
Ben Vida and Eli Keszler
After Hours, Room Mate Grace Hotel
Delia Gonzalez Live, In Remembrance
Gamelatron: Clock Mode
Phone Tag, Live
Richard Garet, Affects/Effects
Cammisa Buerhaus, Chroma Color Organ
Muck Interview
Cammisa Buerhaus, Chroma Color Organ
Video Program, Come Home
Planets Around the Sun & VnessWolfCHild (Live)
Hess Is More & Listening Center (Live)
Serra Victoria Bothwell Fels, VnessWolfCHild & Terence Caulkins: Crystal Cavern
Jesse Hlebo, Habit Towards Obedience
Byron Westbrook, Talking in Light & Sound
Nicholas Chatfield-Taylor
Ashcan Orchestra Performance
The Flock House Project: Lonny Grafman of
The Flock House Project: Greg Lindquist
Pat Spadine & the Ashcan Orchestra
The Flock House Project: Maria Aiolova, Terreform ONE
Trevor Wilson & Vocal Ensemble
The Black & White of Conrad Schnitzler
DW-DK, Twenty Minutes
Greenpot Bluepot
Shoplifter & Kría Brekkan Talk
Alaina Stamatis, In Your Defense
Moonlighter Presents #9
Hannah Sawtell, MAYDAY: The Booth
RAFT: The Stranger
Warper Party: Maxx Klaxon
Friendly Knowledge
Haroon Mirza's Machine
Warper Party: Radio Wonderland
Playlist: Haroon Mirza
Taraka Larson, The Now Age
Warper Party: Tsunami Bass Experience
Regional de NY (Brazilian Choro and Samba)
Banginclude (Live Set)
Warper Party: No Use For Humans Set
Warper Party: DJ ATOM Set
Elliott Sharp, Beneath the Valley of Gwangi
Warper Party: Honeychild Coleman Set
Warper Party: DJ Shakey Set
DJ Shakey, The Illustrated Interview
Javelin Cowboy Music
Diamond Terrifier
Shrine, The Stories
Neon Marshmallow: C. Spencer Yeh and Zarzutzki
Steina of the Vasulkas
Dustin Wong
So Percussion, It Is Time
Japanther Phone Booth
Index Festival, Blues to Drone Service
Dan Friel, Ghost Town
Maria Chavez & Daniel Neumann: Improvised Resonance Compositions # 2-6
Japanther 9/11 Live Peace Concert Streamcast
Ava Luna
Above the Law: Fat Tony
Lucky Dragons
Dan Friel, Live
Moral Kombat : Casper Electronics vs. G Lucas Crane
Moral Kombat: Pete Nolan vs. G Lucas Crane
Moral Kombat: Daniel Carter vs. G Lucas Crane
Sabine Mohr
Sabisha Friedberg: The Starry Garter
Moral Kombat: Matt Mondanile vs. G Lucas Crane
Moral Kombat: C Spencer Yeh vs. G Lucas Crane
Moral Kombat: Darren "Driphouse" Ho vs. G Lucas Crane
Loud Objects
G Lucas Crane
James Franco
Z'EV with Ned Sublette
Venice Music Special: Caged/Uncaged