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Art Basel Miami Beach

From 2004-2008, Clocktower Radio was the official art radio station of Art Basel Miami, offering listeners back home and across the globe an exclusive peek at the fair from the point of view of artworld powerhouses, artists, curators, and musicians on the ground. Listen here for all interviews, music recordings, and more from all five consecutive years. 

Who was there? Expect to hear from Terry Riley, Justin Lowe and Jonah Freeman, Linda Fleming. CocoRosie, Kim Fisher, Elliott Sharp, Marilyn Manson, Giuseppe Liverani, Michele Oka Doner, and more. The Radio activities and broadcasts in Miami for 2007 were co-sponsored by program partner WVUM-FM Coral Gables.

Clocktower Radio was launched by MoMA/PS1 in 2004 as the Web's first art radio station. It has been independent since 2009 and is licensed to host content created under PS1 management. Programs produced prior to 2011 may refer to our earlier URLs and station IDs, including,, and Art International Radio. For the complete history of Clocktower Radio, read our Mission & History section. 


Adarsha Benjamin & Ryan Heffington, KURT
Jose Parla and JR: Wrinkles of the City, Havana, Cuba
Tom Kuntz, The Mic Is Live
Devendra Banhart, Tonight's The Night
Mark Flood & Kristin Kahler, Commit Suicide
Alex Reinwald & Kristin Kahler, Free Your Mix
Alex Reinwald & Kristin Kahler, Hard Traveling
Alex Reinwald & Kristin Kahler, I Yam What I Yam
Alex Reinwald & Kristin Kahler, One Song
Jennifer Herema, We're Gonna Be Timeless
Brian Kenny and Slava Mogutin, Mechanical Sex Animals
Grear Patterson, Paula
Nate Loweman & Kristin Kahler, Life's A Beach
John Holland, Goodbye Palm Tree
Myla Dalbesio, Mellow My Mind
Miami 2008: Spaced Out with Isaac Abrams
Miami 2008: Francesca Sorace and Guiseppe Liverani
Miami 2008: Jeremy Steinke and Isolde Brielmaier
Miami 2008: Julie Walker: Roving Reports, Part 1
Miami 2008: Julie Walker: Roving Reports, Part 2
Miami 2008: Dustin McSwane
Miami 2008: Spaced Out with Lloyd Kahn
Miami 2008: Marilyn Manson
Miami 2008: Denise Kupferschmidt
Miami 2008: Evan Penny
Miami 2008: Charley Friedman
Miami 2008: Spaced Out with Michelle Oka Doner
Miami 2008: The Possibility of an Island: Fulvia Carnevale and Nick Lobo
Miami 2008: Hello Meth Lab in the Sun: Justin Lowe and Jonah Freeman
Miami 2008: Spaced Out with Linda Fleming
Miami 2008: Harold Golen Gallery
Miami 2008: Justin Lowe and Jonah Freeman
Miami 2008: Michele Oka Doner
Miami 2008: Linda Fleming
Miami 2008: Spaced Out with Joshua White
Miami 2008: Spaced Out with Jay Baldwin
Miami 2008: Ry Rocklen
Miami 2008: Spaced Out with Alicia Bay Laurel
Miami 2008: Spaced Out in Drop City: Joan Grossman and Tom McCourt
Miami 2008: Miami on My Mind: Rene Gonzales and Joseph Ayers
Miami 2008: Yoshua Okon and Adriana Lara at Art Perform
Miami 2008: Spaced Out with Gerd Stern
Miami 2008: K48-zine
Miami 2008: Francesco Locastro
Miami 2008: Alastair Gordon, Lisa Dennison and Terry Riley
Miami 2008: Spaced Out with Alastair Gordon
Miami 2008: Spaced Out with Tony Martin
Miami 2008: Visionaires
Miami 2008: CAST from Zurich to Miami
Miami 2008: Kalup Linzy
Miami 2008: Dan Cameron / New Orleans Biennale
Miami 2008: Spaced Out with Ramon Sender
Miami 2008: Morris Lapidus
Miami 2008: Federico Diaz, ULTRA, and the Lunar Lounge
Miami 2008: Miami on My Mind: Miami-Area Artists
Miami 2007: Christina Lei Rodriguez
Miami 2007: Jim Drain
Miami 2007: Printed Matter
Miami 2007: Tom Postma
Miami 2007: TM Sisters
Miami 2007: Whitney Biennial 2008
Miami 2007: Silent Sound: Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard
Miami 2007: Gavlak Projects
Miami 2007: The Kitchen
Miami 2007: Kim Fisher
Miami 2007: Kalup Linzy and Shinique Smith
Miami 2007: Franklin Sirmans and William Cordova
Miami 2007: Hernan Bas
Miami 2007: Tony Alva
Miami 2007: Hollybush Gardens
Miami 2007: Kembra Pfahler
Miami 2007: Roving Reports with Lisa Kirk, NADA Art Fair
Miami 2007: Our Correspondents (Miami): Art Basel Miami 2007 Edition
Miami 2007: Ed Templeton and Brendan Fowler, ANP Quarterly
Miami 2007: Prospect New Orleans
Miami 2007: Roving Reports with Zefrey Throwell, Pt. 1
Miami 2007: The Drawing Center: Brett Littman, Joao Ribas and Carter Foster
Miami 2007: Rush Interactive, Art Basel Edition
Miami 2007: Sue de Beer, Hernan Bas and Ruba Katrib
Miami 2007: Artist Pension Trust Global and Artkrush
Miami 2007: Assume Vivid Astro Focus (AVAF) and Japanther
Miami 2007: Howard Morse and Barbara Morse
Miami 2007: Chris Johanson and Steve Powers
Miami 2007: Wolfy and Kayrock
Miami 2007: Peter Coffin
Miami 2007: Art Sound Lounge Interview (Decked Out: A History of the Turntable)
Miami 2007: Stuart Comer and Christopher Hughes
Miami 2007: Boxtown Miami
Miami 2007: CocoRosie
Miami 2007: Ryan McGinness
Decked Out: A History of the Turntable
Miami 2006: DJ Le Spam
Miami 2006: Slow Jams Band
Miami 2006: Miami Art Scene, Peter Boswell
Miami 2006: Material Culture, Artist Residencies
Miami 2006: Inside Art Basel with Director Samuel Keller
Miami 2006: The French Show, Jean-Michel Othoniel
Miami 2006: Milagros Bello, A Curator's View
Miami 2006: Yoshua Okon
Miami 2006: SVA Hour, Photography Today
Miami 2006: SVA Hour, Robert Ayers and Lisa Kirk
Miami 2006: Rush Interactive, Art Basel Special Pt. 1
Miami 2006: Open Season Havana, Julie Lara Kahn
Miami 2006: A Review
Miami 2006: Rachel Mason Sings Boris Yeltsin
Miami 2006: Arne Quinze, Beyond Burning Man
Miami 2006: Adrian Halpern, Art and the Law
Miami 2006: SVA Hour, Art and Design with Steven Heller
Miami 2006: Our Correspondents (Miami), Art Basel Special
Miami 2006: Material Culture, Editors' Round Up
Miami 2006: The Collectors' Forum, Tom Eccles
Miami 2006: Kenny Scharf and Derrick Adams
Miami 2006: SVA Hour, A Creative Game in Art Culture
Miami 2006: Rush Interactive, Art Basel Special Pt. 2
Miami 2006: Frisbee Show, Electronic Arts Intermix
Miami 2006: Thierry Geoffroy a.k.a. Colonel, Emergency Room
Miami 2006: Art Video Lounge, Michael Rush
Miami 2006: Welcome to Miami
Miami 2006: Trespassing, Casa Lin
Miami 2006: SVA Hour, State of Art Education
Miami 2006: SVA Hour, Bradley Castellanos and Billy Sullivan
Miami 2006: SVA Hour, The Art Market and the Miami Fairs
Miami 2006: The Mountain School
Miami 2006: Material Culture, Leopard Cube
Miami 2006: DJ Le Spam Set
Miami 2006: Jeannie Hopper's Micro-Set
Miami 2005: Interviews, Exploding Dog and WVUM-FM Miami
Miami 2005: Conversations, Architecture for Art/Museum Architecture
Miami 2005: Interviews, Beautiful Decay
Miami 2005: Interview, Lee QuiƱones
Miami 2005: Conversations, Art Collections and Contemporary Philanthropy
Miami 2005: Rush Interactive (The Morning After), Pt. 2
Miami 2005: Material Culture, Peter Nesbett and David Kiehl
Miami 2005: The Collectors' Forum, Special Edition
Miami 2005: Interviews, SoundBike and The Citizens Band
Miami 2005: Julianne Swartz, David Hardy and Siebren Versteeg on Basel's Alternate Fairs
Miami 2005: Rush Interactive (Miami, The Morning After), Pt. 1
Miami 2005: Jonathan Greenberg and Phoebe Hoban
Miami 2005: Interviews, David Packer
Elliott Sharp's Living Room 3
Miami 2004: Miami on the Mind, Day One
Miami 2004: The Spit Roast Boys
Miami 2004: Wrap Up with Samuel Keller
Miami 2004: Miami On the Mind
Miami 2004: Art Statements Roundtable, Day Four
Miami 2004: The Yay/Nay Show
Miami 2004: Rush Interactive
Miami 2004: The Yay/Nay Show
Miami 2004: Art Statements Roundtable, Day Two
Miami 2004: DJ Hour, Ani Phearce
Miami 2004: The Yay/Nay Show, Art and Commerce
Miami 2004: Bald Ego Online
Miami 2004: Interviews, Art Loves Music
Miami 2004: Rush Interactive, Day One
Miami 2005: Interviews, Material Culture - Antonelli, Sigurdardottir and Batan
Miami 2005: Interviews, Meredith Danluck & David Dawaele/2 Many DJs
Miami 2005: Our Correspondents, Miami
Miami 2005: Interviews, Performance & Ephemeral Art
Miami 2005: Interviews, Jared Whitman's Garage Sale Show
Miami 2004: Art Statements Roundtable, Day One
Miami 2004: The Collectors' Forum, Day Two, David Meets Goliath
Miami 2004: On the Mark, Day Two, Fighting for- and over- the New Art
Miami 2004: On the Mark, Day Three
Miami 2004: P.S.1 Interviews, Day Three
Elliott Sharp's Living Room 1
Miami 2004: The Collectors' Forum, Day Four
Elliott Sharp's Living Room 2
Miami 2004: Last Call, Day Five
Miami 2007: Roving Reports with Zefrey Throwell, Pt. 2